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An 18+ only, genderqueer, sci-fi, comedy web series.

website banner for series called "Gummy and the doctor" featuring a flustered trans man mad scientist with green hair and a big gooey pink alien looking down at him sweetly


Gummy and The Doctor is a comedic, light-hearted, trans erotica web series

that explores gender, bodies, and embracing failures.

"When Dr. Edwin Glum tries and fails to create his own perfect, sexy partner, he unknowingly sends out a horny distress signal to a gooey, pink alien named Gummy! As Gummy touches down on earth, they soon see just how pent up the Doctor is (in more ways than one) and starts to wonder if there's something to be done about that..."

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Produced and Co-written by: DCS (They/Them)

Written and Co-produced by: Cmakesp (She/Her)

Art and Video editing: DCS

Animator: Caal Ace (They/Them)

Sound Design: Cmakesp

Music: Bo Tiger (He/Him)

Voice Actors:

Another new animation is here!

Edwin is into roleplay and Gummy is all too happy to oblige.

Watch on: Redgifs | Twitter | Ao3

A new animation is here!

When Edwin walks in on Gummy jerking off in the middle of the night, he's compelled to help them out. For the sake of keeping the floor clean of cum, of course. That's it! Nothing more!

Watch on: Pornhub | Ao3

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