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We as a team understand how exciting community and fan works

can be. But, because we are an indie project, we have to be clear

with our boundaries and what is and isn't okay to do

in regards to the show.

DO & DON'T...


  • Be over 18 to watch the show or follow us anywhere!

  • Share the project with your sex positive friends!

  • Review us on appropriate websites! (Your blog,, Ao3, etc)

  • Make fanart, fanfic, or cosplay* and credit the show!

  • Make fan characters, fan designs, or alternative universes** and credit the show!

  • Use our official icons for personal use with credit where applicable. (Personal use of art for phone backgrounds or banners is also okay, with credit!)

  • Support any and all official uploads!

  • Be positive and have fun, we're all here enjoying the same thing!

    *Please be very careful not to do any kind of black or brown face for Gummy's human form when cosplaying.
    **Please understand that fan designs are not likely to be shared or endorsed by our official accounts. Sorry!


  • Share the project on places like TikTok or any other minor focused website.

  • Make Gacha Life videos of the characters.

  • Make unsolicited edits or fan videos.

  • Re-post or steal any art asset, audio asset, or video asset.

  • Make or sell any kind of merchandise based on the show.

  • Make profit from any art of the characters. (This includes commissions!)

  • Make profit from any fan designs based off the show.

  • Trace any art from the show for any purpose.

  • Harass team members or fellow fans.

  • Use machine generation or "A.I." tools to produce any kind of fan work. (Art, fiction, video, etc.)

  • Use machine generation or "A.I." tools to replicate any voice actor associated with the show.

  • Use ChatGPT to create "interactions" with any character associated with the show.

Ask us about...

  • Making any fan videos or audio. (We are only open to specific types of collaboration in this field.)

  • Making any fan games or interactive media.

  • Making erotic cosplay pictures or videos!

  • Commissioning someone for art of the characters.

  • Making any kind of Discord server focused around the show.

Contact is

Please kindly keep in mind these guidelines when interacting with the show and with fellow fans. If we find you violation of certain terms, we will not hesitate to get your content removed, or even get your account banned where possible.

We try to be patient, but certain rules must be enforced for everyone's safety. We just want to have fun with the series

as much as you do, so let's work together to continue to make this

community a positive one. Thank you!

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