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Gummy and The Doctor is lead by a queer and trans

indie team of folks who just really enjoy making

good erotica. Episodes are currently being produced!

We successfully funded 10 episodes through our IndieGoGo campaign, which continues to collect funds from fans in exchange for early access to episodes and other goodies.

The series follows Edwin and Gummy as they get frisky, friendly, and maybe even romantic?

Inspirations for Gummy and The Doctor include Frankenstein, Space Channel 5, Dr. Frank's Build-A-Boyfriend, Space Dandy, and Um Jammer Lammy. Funk and Disco are also heavy inspirations for our soundtrack and aesthetic.

a green haired mad scientist is looking up flustered at a big pink gooey alien with a green tongue. the scientist is embarassed, while the alien seems pleased.


DCS and Cmakesp are creators who enjoy featuring queer,

transgender and/or people of color throughout their works.


The idea for Gummy and the Doctor was something DCS had on the back burner for a few years but never had a strong direction for the concept. This changed with DCS and Cmakesp did their first collab, and DCS realized the idea would be a lot more fun as an audio and video project! Cmakesp's style of writing, comedy, and passion were a perfect fit for the project and now both are diligently  working on the series.


At the moment, we are not seeking advertisers, but we are open

to sponsors or collaborations. We would love to be featured on any

sex positive and queer/trans friendly site and are happy to provide any images or extra info that is needed.


Lead Producer, Artist, Video Editor: DCS (They/Them)

Lead Writer, Sound Designer, Director: Cmakesp (She/Her)

Animator: Caal Ace(They/Them)

Music: Bo Tiger (He/Him)

Voice Actors: Todd Hollow (He/They), King Deku (He/Him), Leah Thomas (She/They)

DCS (Lead Producer, Artist, Video Editor) is a queer and trans comic artist and game dev, with a passion for porn and romance. DCS works on a comic and game series called, Solanaceae. Plus, many more. Follow them on Twitter or just about anywhere else.

Cmakesp (Lead Writer, Sound Designer, Director) is a basic audio engineer and scriptwriter who is responsible for podcasts such as Fuck Humans and Monstica.​ She also makes singular erotic audios in her spare time. Follow her on Twitter.

Todd Hollow (Voice of Edwin) can be described as a trans freelance illustrator based in the UK, but also has a little acting experience under his belt. He is very excited and grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this project.

KingDeku (Voice of Gummy) is a trans voice actor and erotic audio content creator. He's been voice acting for over 4 years and has recently expanded into the tantalizing world of NSFW voice acting. He's very excited to be making his NSFW debut as Gummy!

Leah Thomas (Voice of Computer) is an artist, craftsperson, and voice actor. A maven of queer porn, podcasts, and visual novels. 

Bo Tiger (Musician) is a part-time musician, part-time photographer, and full-time furry from San Diego, California. Since a kid, his life has always been surrounded by music. He started learning how to play piano in elementary school and started guitar in middle school. It was until 2014, when he found vaporwave and future funk, that he began to pursue making his own music. Since then, he's released several albums, EPs, and demos under various pseudonyms. Currently, he's been releasing demos and covers as his floofy tiger self writing and recording whatever he feels inspired by.


Caal Ace (Animator) is a french artist that likes to tell stories, through illustrations, comics or animations. Loving dark atmospheres, creatures and fantasy. They sometimes draw spicier stuff and recently started to experiment with NSFW animation. You can find them on social media, and find their work & comics here.


the profile and biography for a mad scientist named edwin glum, aka dr.glum. it describes who he is, and gives a little bit of information about him. edwin has green hair and tired eyes.
image is the profile and biography of a shape shifting alien named Gummy. it describes a little bit about them, like their age and some preferences.
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