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How to Support the Show!

Like the show and wanna help support it?

There are lots of ways to do that...

Get access to episodes early by...

Pledging to our IndieGoGo!

Tip the show by...

Buying the Art PDF!

Tipping the show on!

Tipping the show on Bandcamp!

Buying our merchandise!

Boost the show by...

Following us on our official accounts!

Subscribe on:

Pornhub | Spotify | Podchaser | Bandcamp | Twitter | Ao3 |

Liking, sharing, and commenting on our posts!

Sharing our content with your sex positive friends!

Create fanwork!*

*If you're curious about the specifics of fan work, we have a TOS here you can read.

Generally, if you like the show and want to see it flourish, it's important to show any new episode love by at least liking it.
We're a small, niche project and we rely heavily on our fans showing support through comments and sharing to help get the show to new fans and so on and so forth.

Even if you have no money to throw our way, the power of your word and action is strong. Thank you so much to anyone who has helped the show so far!

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