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WARNING! This series is intended for mature audiances who are 18 or older. Some links may lead to adult and/or explicit websites and pages. Viewer and listener discretion is advised.

Contents include: shape shifting and body modification with trans characters, penetrative vaginal and anal sex, oral sex, tentacle sex, fingering, breast growth and general cartoon logic. (List will continue to update.)

Episode 1: A Chance Meeting

What was supposed to be the night of Dr. Edwin Glum's greatest creation, turns into a night of confusion,  attempted murder, and... flirting? 

Who and what is this strange creature?  Why did they crash into Edwin's backyard? And more importantly... why are they so horny?

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* Episodes 1 and 2 are combined


Episode 3: Tentacle Difficulties

Edwin's not too keen on having Gummy live with him. Edwin tries (and fails) to fix Gummy's ship for them, later revealing to Gummy his greatest personal collection. Could this lead to the pink alien convincing the grumpy scientist to allow them to stay?

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Episode 5: I Cum In Peace

After being caught sneaking around the lab, Gummy is introduced to the doctor's many sex machines. Edwin is convinced his top-of-the-line milking device can take any load Gummy has to give, but may soon be proven wrong...

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Episode 2: Request Accepted

Edwin interrogates the alien and discovers its name, Gummy. He also discovers that they have some "interesting" shape shifting abilities.  Gummy's morphing skills may be hot, and they're super charming, but Edwin's not desperate enough to fuck an alien... right?

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* Episodes 1 and 2 are combined


Episode 4: Breast Behavior

Gummy shows off even more of their morphing skills, and finds out Edwin has a very specific weakness... big, beautiful breasts.


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Shorter episodes that happen somewhere between all the rest.

Minisode 1: What's this?

Gummy has questions about various Earth objects.

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Minisode 3: Cooking with Gummy

Gummy now has their own cooking show!

Audio: Spotify

Halloween Special

Legend tells of an old abandoned laboratory high up in the hills...

Audio: Coming soon!
Video: Twitter

Minisode 2: Singing?

Gummy hears something... strange.

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Minisode 4: Testing with Edwin

Edwin tests the limits of Gummy's abilities.
(Content warning for inflation!)

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Video: Twitter

Minisode 5: Cuddle Rebuttal

Gummy proposes a very gentle way of curing Edwin's insomnia.

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