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Gummy and the Doctor: Episode 5, "I Cum in Peace" is out now on Spotify and more!

That's right! Episode 5 is out now for your listening pleasure! [18+ ONLY]

Heads-up that this episode contains: oral sex (with Gummy's tail), sex machines, excessive amounts of cum, big balls, and the general cartoon logic you've come to love from the show.

Please support our official releases by listening on...

More links are coming soon, including a Pornhub one. Keep an eye out on our Episodes page for the most recent and well updated places to find our episodes as they release.

Oh! And please consider giving us a good rating on any of these sites, it helps the show out a lot and helps us get to new listeners. Plus, it helps us know you're enjoying the show. Thanks everyone and see you again soon for the video version!

In other news...

Edwin's voice actor, Todd's Hollow, is at Swansea Comic and Gaming Con (UK) this weekend and is selling official merch for the show (as well as autographed illustrations of Edwin) so go say hi to him if you're in the area!

Last but not least...

Don't forget, if you want to see the video for Episode 5 early, you can pledge to our IndieGogo and get access to it the moment it's finished. Please consider doing so!

Bye for now!

-- Gummy and the Doctor Team


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