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New one-shot animation and upcoming conventions!

Hello everyone! Welcome to our news feed! We're hoping this can help keep everyone informed on what's going on with the show, new releases, and maybe even some trivia or other fun stuff in the future.So, let's cut to the chase!

A new, one-shot animation has been released. It's got full sound design and is just a quick 'n indulgent project for fun. It's Edwin getting blown by Gummy! What more could you want?

You can watch it on our Twitter or Pornhub. There's also a shorter version here, if you don't want any zoom ins.

Secondly, our artist, DCS, will have tables at both Gem State Comic Con and Sakura Con this coming April. Gem State Comic Con is in Boise, Idaho (USA) and is this upcoming weekend, while Sakura Con is in Seattle, Washington (USA) and is Easter weekend. Come swing by, maybe get some merch, and just say hi!

We'll also have information on conventions that Todd's Hollow (the voice of Edwin) will be appearing at with merchandise and signed prints (?!) as well as having those same prints appear in the online shop, alongside signed prints for Gummy too. Those won't be ready for a minute though, so consider this your teaser.

Otherwise, work on Episode 5 is going strong and we'll eventually have a Gummy x Listener stand alone audio coming out as well. Thanks for your patience and support, as always.


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