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New Trailer + New Animation!

With episode 6 just on the horizon for our IGG backers, we've got even more stuff for you before that release! It's a windfall of videos!

Firstly, we've got a brand-new trailer! (This trailer is censored, but still very much NSFW.)

Trailer by @MrDemoVE, Voice work by @SplathouseFic This trailer was originally made for @Hentai_Expo's ASMR line-up!

Secondly is the exclusive animation for Hentai Expo! This one is extremely indulgent and has two versions... Check out the video on Pornhub, Redgifs, Ao3 or Twitter!

And that's about that! Episode 6 will release for backers sometime next week and then it'll be a full month before it comes out publicly. Thanks and see you then!


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