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Our second drawing collection is here!

A promotional image of the second drawing collection for the web series, Gummy and the Doctor.

Buy on Gumroad or Itchio!

A PDF of drawings of Edwin and Gummy from the genderqueer web series "Gummy and the Doctor"! This PDF includes 150 pages where some images have variants. For example, a version of an image with text and a version without text.

You'll see...

  •  "Comic" style drawings with speech bubbles, finished illustrations, doodles, and sketches!

  •  Images only previously shared with DCS' patrons.

  •  Sex, romance, kissing, cuddling, and more!

Content warnings for...

  •  Oral sex, vaginal sex, anal sex, rough sex, tentacles, sex toys, sex machines, medical kink, roleplay, masturbation.

  •  If you're comfortable with what you've seen in the show so far-- you'll probably be comfortable looking at this PDF!

The content featured in this PDF is for ADULTS ONLY, meaning it is 18+ ONLY. Please, do not redistribute.

Our first collection of drawings is here and we've also got both for a bundle deal here! Thanks everyone!


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